ADS Employee Goes Above and Beyond

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Below is an email that Buddy Mason, Vice President of American Digital Security, recently received from a staff member at a local elementary school.

Recently, a gentleman from American Digital Security spent a few days in our building installing cameras. His name was Pedro. My experience with Pedro was nothing short of amazing. He was so kind, polite, and courteous. 

Pedro had to install wires in my room for the outside cameras. Each day, Pedro would ask me when I needed my room available, so that I could serve my students. And each day, like clockwork, my room was available to my scheduled students (thanks to Pedro). Pedro completed the camera installations last Friday and I bid him farewell.  

However, this Monday, at approximately 4:15pm, Pedro walked back into my room. I was surprised to see him. He shared that last week he had overheard me telling a Kindergarten student that I would purchase her a nap mat. In Pedro’s hand, he carried a small, blue, child’s size cot. He told me that he and his wife have a one-year old daughter and no longer needed the cot. He wanted nothing in return, but simply wanted the student to have it for her rest time.

Through conversation, I learned that Pedro had driven well out of his way home from work to deliver the cot to our school. I was overcome with emotion due to his genuine and random act of kindness. I have never met a more conscientious person than Pedro, who went above and beyond the call of duty. 

Good people still exist in this world.  And angels, like Pedro, are walking among us.

Buddy, the ADS team, and The Kincaid Group as a whole are all incredibly proud of Pedro for this selfless act of kindness. At The Kincaid Group and each of its divisions, there are Four Core Values: Family, Safety, Service, and Respect. Pedro exemplified each of those values in this situation and is a true role model for it.