ADS Gives Back to Local Animal Shelter


American Digital Security Helps out Midwest Animal ResQ

Recently, a few ADS employees provided a local animal shelter with quite the surprise.

To give this feel-good story some context, we need to backtrack to early spring when one of ADS’s clients mentioned to Rob Behrens, Security Consultant at ADS, that a friend of his owned an animal shelter and was looking to add new security cameras to the property. Erin More, the owner of Midwest Animal Resq, wanted to replace old cameras that had suddenly stopped working right around the time that the shelter had started receiving some not-so-nice comments and treats. With the shelter being on a strapped budget, Rob said that he would keep an eye out for some cost-efficient cameras.

Fast forward a few months when another client of ADS’s gave Rob a call to let him know that the previous owner of one of his properties had left behind multiple cameras and access control equipment. Rob went through options for how to go about re-selling the equipment, but also pitched the client the idea of donating the equipment to Midwest Animal Resq. Lo and behold, it just so happened that Erin was a high school classmate of the gentleman in possession of the leftover equipment. The client wasted no time donating the equipment to Erin and Midwest Animal Resq.

A few weeks ago, Rob and his wife spent a Saturday touring the shelter and getting a lay of the land in order to determine how to best utilize the cameras. The following Saturday, Rob, and Brandon Sobotka, Installation Manager at ADS, showed up at Midwest Animal Resq at 8:00 AM to begin installing the cameras. By noon they had drilled in the final screw and were ready to surprise Erin, who at this time had no idea that the donation was made or the cameras were in place.

Upon completion of the installation, an employee of Erin’s called Erin to let her know that there was an emergency at the shelter and that Erin should come in right away. When Erin showed up, she was made aware of the donation and given a tutorial on her new camera system. Erin was blown away by the donation, saying, “I’m overwhelmed by the kindness of Rob and ADS, and if I thanked them every day for a year it wouldn’t be enough.”